Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Benedictio nuptiarum

Our worthy and esteemed Faber was married two days ago and consequently may not post for some time as he adjusts to his new duties. I offer both Mr and the new Mrs Faber my heartiest congratulations. At the end of my Best Man speech I offered a toast in English which I here present in its original form:

Benedictio nuptiarum

Utinam uxoris scientia et sollertia arte Latine
id mariti praestet semper--

Utinam ea usque irrideat ei,
et semper poenitet--

Et ergo impensam librorum suorum
semper ignoscat.

1 comment:

Michael Sullivan said...

"Wedding Blessing:

May the wife's knowledge and skill in Latin always surpass the husband's--

May she ever mock him for it, and always repent--

And therefore may she always overlook the price of his books."