Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tales of Interest

Various items of interest are going on about the internet or in real life.

1. There is a conference in Bonn, Germany, from April 4-5 on Scotus' Interlocutors at Paris.  Information is here.

2. On the internet, there have been some fascinating discussions of analogy and  univocity, that may be of interest to some.

A. John Sylvest.
B. Al Kimel.

Sadly I don't have time to comment at the moment, but they are well worth reading.

I am currently working on a nice question on univocity by Mayronis that could combat much of the extreme apophaticism prevalent in theology today, if I could ever finish editing it, perhaps adding a translation and commentary...

3. There is also an upcoming conference in march on analogy in Aristotle. See here for information.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Franciscus de Mayronis on Univocity

Here is the conclusion to a question on univocity of being probably by Francis of Meyronnes that I transcribed today.

Ideo dico quod ens dicitur secundum eandem rationem formalem de Deo et creatura, licet nullo modo secundum eandem realitatem, quia licet Deus sit in perfectione excellentissimus ut eius entitas omnia transcendit, ita est benignissimus ut sua dona quibuscumque communicet, et ideo sicut illi qui negant univocationem ipsam laudant quoad eius sublimitatem, ita isti quoad eius liberalissimam largitatem, nec tamen isti minus extollunt divinam excellentiam quia ipsam ponunt perfectum, non solum quoad excellentiam et sufficientiam sed etiam quoad redundantiam, unde Paulus eius divitias extollens Ro. 10 dicit quod Deus est dives in omnes ad quas divitias nos ipse perducat. Amen.

Therefore I say that being is said according to the same formal notion of God and creatures, although in no way according to the same reality, because, although God is most excellent in perfection so that his entity transcends all things, so also he is most kind so that he communicates his gifts to everyone, and therefore, just as those who deny univocity praise him according to his sublimity, so those [who affirm univocity praise him] according to his most liberal abundance, nor nevertheless do they [who affirm univocity] less extol the divine excellence because they posit it as perfect, not only as far as excellence and sufficiency but also as far as his overflowingness, whence Paul extolling his riches  says in Romans 10 that God is rich in all to which riches he will lead us. Amen.