Thursday, September 18, 2008

In honorem Ioannis Duns Scoti

by Fray Angelico chavez of New Mexico, written ca. 1925-1932

O Maria Immaculata,
Scoti tu victoria,
Sic concepta sicque nata
Es Minorum gloria.

Quando de Conceptione,
Matris disputatio fit,
Summa Dei ratione
Ait Scotus: Potuit.

Dixit: Pater cum coelorum
Genitum monuerit
Homo fiat, templum purum
Praeparari decuit

Tandem Scotus cantem jecit
Congaudente Filio:
Deus Matrem ergo fecit
Sine labe in utero.


Michael Sullivan said...

Man, that's great. I didn't know people were still doing stuff like that in the last century. Kudos to New Mexicans--I count myself an honorary one, since I lived there for two years, and was baptized and confirmed there.

Lee Faber said...

I found it while surfing google books during my Plotinus class