Friday, September 12, 2008

Bonaventura Pius

Been busy with the dissertation and the Logica Scoti, but will try to post more for our hordes of adoring fans.

Here's some nice, pious comments from St. Bonaventure on the Blessed Virgin. In this question, he twice refers to John Damascene as the "verus doctor".

In III Sententiarum d.4 a.3 q.3: "Dicendum quod verba fidem christianam exprimentia debent esse ab errore longinqua est devotioni approximantia, maxime illa in quibus est sermo de Virgine Maria. Ipsa enim cunctas haereses interemit in universo mundo, Veritatem ex se ipsa concipiendo et pariendo; ipsa enim reconciliationem toti generi humano promeruit: et ideo erga eam ardere debet omnis Christianorum devotio"

It must be said that the words expressing the Christian faith ought to be far from error and drawing close to devotion, most of all those in which there is speech of the Virgin Mary. For she destoryes all the heresies in the whole world by conceiving and giving birth to the Truth from herself, for she merited the reconciliation of the whole human race. And so all devotion of Christians ought to burn toward her.