Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Contributor

Welcome Michael, best of friends and bitterest of foes. May your entries be long and full of arcane lore.


Unknown said...


Do you have a digital copy of the Latin works of Scotus or are you typing out your quotes?

Again, I enjoy the blog.

Michael Sullivan said...
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Michael Sullivan said...

Thank you for your kind welcome, Faber. I'll do my best.

Mr Marshall,

to my knowledge there is no digital copy of the Ordinatio available. Faber is typing the quotes out of his own personal copy, in between bouts of gleefully swimming through the contents of his vast library of medieval sources, a la Scrooge McDuck.

Lee Faber said...

Michael is right. I often spend the 1-2 am hour laboriously typing out interesting quotes. I've got a long one in the making at the moment, but haven't translated it yet. The rumor is that Prof. Dumont at Notre dame has a digital copy of the wadding ed. also, if you go to peter king's website on the sidebar you can find the scotus opera philosophical in electronic form