Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Festum Scoti, 2022

 Hello, and happy feast! A day late, yes.

Here is the collect:

Domine Deus, fons omnis sapientiae, qui Beatum Ioannem

presbyterum, Immaculatae Virginis assertorem,

nobis magistrum vitae et scientiae dedisti, concede, quaesumus,

ut, eius exemplo illuminati, et doctrinis nutria,

Christo fideliter adhaereamus. Qui tecum vivit.

1 comment:

Wesley C said...

Does anyone here know what Scotus believed about God knowing creation posterior to its existence?

I've recently wondered this when thinking of how Genesis 1 repeatedly says God did something and then SAW it & said it was good. This seeing seems to imply knowledge in God that is posterior to creation's very existence.

What's the Scotist position on this, if anyone knows?