Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Text on Scotus on Essence and Existence

While transcribing some stuff out of the Additiones secundi libri (compiled by William of Alnwick from the Oxford and Paris lectures of Scotus), I came across the following comment about the relation of essence and existence, a doctrine of paramount iportance in Thomism, but less so in Scotism.

Additiones II d. 16 q. 1: "esse est actus intrinsecus essentiae idem sibi realiter non ab ea progrediens"

"'to be' is an act intrinsic to essence, really the same as it, not coming forth from it"


ahmed said...
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Anonymous said...

So, Scotus denies that essence and existence are really distinct? that makes me wonder then in what way he thinks God plays a causal role in giving being to creatures, because it seems then God isn't needed as an explanation for existence, since a things essence explains why it would exist (if they are identical...a thing just exists because that is its nature).