Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ashworth on Analogy


"Despite the vast modern literature devoted to Aquinas's theory of analogy, he has very little to say about analogy as such."


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Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on what she means by 'analogy.' Not much on the nature of analogical concepts? Okay, I'll buy that. But insofar as Thomas's theology-metaphysics concerns the asymmetrical relationship between creator and creature, I don't see how analogy could not be an important feature of his thought. While one won't find the expression 'analogia entis' in Thomas's works, as McInerny complained, one will find it in his transcription of Albertus Magnus' De div. Nom., and the theory contained there is very formative of Thomas's early thinking. So, I'll grant Ashworth her claim, but only because analogy is said in many ways.