Thursday, September 19, 2013

Final Volume of the Ordinatio Now Available!

The Vatican Commission has completed their edition of the Ordinatio. The final distinctions of book IV are now available from Quaracchi. But their website is broken. If you want to order, down load this  order form. For the first time that I have seen, we even have the option of ordering the volume in hardcopy!

Here is the publishers' information:

Ioannis Duns Scoti Opera Omnia studio et cura Commissionis Scotisticae ad fidem codicum edita, Tom. XIV (A. 114). - Ordinatio. Liber Quartus. Distinctiones 43-49, pp 441
 Città del Vaticano, 2013                  ISBN 978-88-7013-314-1


Michael Sullivan said...

Arrgh, this is very exciting, but how irritating will it be to have a hardcover of the last volume standing at the end of the row of all my incredibly expensive softcover volumes?!

Lee Faber said...

well, you could get them rebound in the same style.

anyway, I would have two such hardbacks. One of the Lectura III volumes was widely available for a while in the vatican hardback ed.