Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bad News

So here are some rather sad stats. I was looking at the "cluster map" down on the sidebar, and it turns out we have had 12 visitors from Pakistan, but only 7 from the Vatican. So apparently we're not making much of a difference after all.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you might think the case to be, your site is making the difference for at least one budding (independent) scholar of medieval philosophy. Please don't stop; and keep up the good work.

David J.
Dallas, Texas

Michael Sullivan said...

David, thanks for the note of encouragement. I need to get back on the horse, I've been letting Faber do all the work lately.


surely you realize there are a lot more people in Pakistan than in the Vatican? So proportionately we're doing better in the latter.

Brandon said...

Besides, that pretty much means that at least every Scotist in Pakistan is avidly reading your blog.

Michael Sullivan said...

Avidly is right, ha!

Most likely it's *both* Scotists in Pakistan, but each of them sometimes logs in from the library or their mom's house.

Lee Faber said...