Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vol. XII

I got my box from Quaracchi yesterday with all the edited Ordinatio volumes I didn't have yet, including the just-released volume 12, which is 500 pages all about the Eucharist - the Scotistic Commission claims it's the longest and most comprehensive treatment of the subject in all the middle ages. Not even Faber has this one: ha ha, chew on that!

I'd love to get to it, but I have several volumes before that I need to get to first. Getting the box reminded me how hard it is to learn about Scotus without being a scholar with access to a top-notch library. These books are really really expensive, and there are no translations, and the scholarship on Scotus is still scanty at best, except on a few popular topics. So The Smithy will have to continue its mission of reading it for you and reporting on occasional bits.

Sorry about the collapse of Ockham month. No fancy excuses: I've been reading and doing other things, and I got bored with it.


X-Cathedra said...

How fitting. You might say it's collapsed like the great synthesis between faith and reason.


Pax Christi,

Lee Faber said...

Typical Michael. Why finish a project you've started when you could re-read jane austen for the 23 1/2 time!