Friday, March 19, 2010


After a pretty good run I've fallen down on the regular posting lately. I was out of town (enjoying the hospitality of Faber and his new wife) for a while putting the finishing touches on my dissertation. I'm back now, but haven't gotten into the swing of blogging again. I'm not sure I should, either, rather than preparing for my defense and thinking about the future. I'll try to do better, however.

By the way, my defense date has been set for April 23, which is a lot later than I'd hoped for a year ago; still, barring any catastrophes and Deo volente, I should graduate with my PhD in May.


Lee Faber said...

I'll try to pick up some of the slack from the slacker.

Michael Sullivan said...

Yeah, time to start doing your share.

T. Chan said...

Good luck with the defense!