Friday, February 19, 2010

Assisi Manuscripts online

I seem to be the last to know, but the entire Assisi medieval mss. collection has been digitized and is available for free. So be sure to check out Ms. 137, the basis of the Vatican edition of Scotus, as well as various mss. of Alnwick, James of Ascoli, Antonius Andreas, Petrus Thomae and more!


Brunellus said...

No, you weren't the last to know – thank you!

Anonymous said...

In case anyone comes here looking for these MSS, they moved late last year to Search for "PG0213_ms." followed by the number of the MS, e.g., PG0213_ms.137. Then click "vedi" (with the eye icon) to go to the single search result, and click on the picture of the MS cover to view it. The images visible here are high enough resolution to read easily. The ones on the former site in 2013 were a bit blurry.