Sunday, March 29, 2009

Notre Dame Invokes the Secular Arm

Is what I wish the headline of the (at least local) papers would read. My apologies for this interruption from our regular program of arcana that have nothing to do with FutureChurch or the world of Today, but there was a most heinous event on the campus of Notre Dame a week ago Saturday, that has gone unremarked on campus. The following is a story I heard from an eyewitness. And yes, this concerns the Obama affair.

The setting is the Basilica on the campus of Notre Dame. It's saturday, the saturday vigil mass. This was day I at least learned of the invitation of President Obama to be the commencement speaker. At mass, after the "prayers of the faithful" and the cantors closing metrum, the lector, described as an old man, added a prayer to the effect of "may Notre Dame rescind its invitation to Mr. Obama, who is a steadfast supporter of Abortion". The cantor was confused, didnt know what to do, but mass went on. After mass, however, while worshippers were still milling about, four members of the Notre Dame police force entered the basilica, and roughly took the man out. I was told they were rough, and did not respect his age. He fell/was pushed over a chair, hurting himself in the process. He was visibly upset, yelling. There was no CSC priest on hand to interact with the old man or the cops. He was roughly manhandled out the door. Now, I understand that the man had no right to criticize Notre Dame in Notre Dame's own church (despite the CSC's blather about being prophetic and a voice of change), and this may well have been the televised mass (or at least may be broadcast on sunday). But to call the cops, to both embarass the poor man and cause him physical harm is a shameful way to respond, completely dispropotionate to the offense. The only message I get out of this is:

Notre Dame quells public dissent with private police force


Michael Sullivan said...

I hope your witness is reliable, because I've been repeating this. If true, it's absolutely outrageous.

Lee Faber said...

the witness told me, I told a bunch of people, they went and checked with the original witness, who confirmed my statement.

However in the last day or two he has started playing down the level of violence with which the man was treated. This is based on the initial story i heard the day after.

Michael Sullivan said...