Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scotistic Flair

It only works in latin.

Ordinatio IV d.3 q.3 n.100 (XI 192):

"Et ideo non urget nos illa dubitatio, Decretum 1, quaestione 1, "Detrahe", ne forte asinus bibat sacramentum, quae vere est dubitatio asinina, quia illa ablutio non durat nisi in fieri, et quantumcumque posset aqua bibi vel huc vel illuc transfundi, ipsa ablutio non."

Also, a few pages later he said beer and mead were not proper matters for baptism.


Michael Sullivan said...

Why doesn't it work in English? Ass-Asinine?

Brendan Sammon said...

I guess that means my cousin's "baptism" into his fraternity was invalid, since it involved a llllllot of beer.

Lee -

thanks for the comments in regard to Thomas and the analogy of being. Just wanted to let you know I attempted a response.