Friday, May 7, 2010


Dicendum quod aliqui dixerunt quod maleficium nihil erat in mundo nec alicuius vis nisi in sola aestimatione hominum, qui multos naturales defectus attribuunt maleficiis daemonum propter fidei defectum. - Sed ista positio derogat iuri et derogat opinioni vulgi, et quod maius est, experimento; et ideo istud non habet aliquam stabilitatem.

"Some have said that witchcraft is nothing in the world, nor has any power, except in the estimation of men, who attributed many natural defects to the wickedness of demons, on account of a defect in their faith. - But this position detracts from the law and detracts from the common opinion, and what is more, from experience; and therefore it has no stability."

--St Bonaventure, IV Sent Dist. XXXIV Art. II Q. II

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