Thursday, May 13, 2010

Intelligent Design Round-Up

Dr Feser has posted a roundup of his thoughts on Intelligent Design, and I thought I'd do the same. Posting has continued here, but I haven't done much original or as much as I'd meant to, because a good bit of my blogging time has been spent in the comments to these posts which are now buried pretty far down. I appreciate all the commenters who have continued to debate, and this list of all the posts will let any readers who might still be interested find everything easily.

That said, at this point I think I'm finished with the ID debate for now. I think I've said anything intelligent I may have had to say on the subject, and without more study I doubt I'll be able to anything substantive beyond what's in these posts and discussions already. I may return to the subject again in the future, but for a while it will be back to normal around here.

Speaking of which, I'm graduating with my Ph.D. on Saturday. My parents are coming into town tonight, there will be some celebrations and so forth, and long story short I may not post much if anything for the next week or so. Perhaps my esteemed colleagues can take up the slack.

Here are the ID posts:

Is "Intelligent Design" Scotistic?

Nature, Artifacts, and Machines 1

Nature, Artifacts, and Machines 2

Intelligent Design and Scotism

Nature, Artifacts, Meaning and Providence

Reply to Dr Torley

[UPDATE] Over here is a link-map of the entire debate, including my posts, going back to Dr Feser's original posts on the subject last fall.

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