Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Insulting in the Grand Old Style

Audi, Iuppiter; audite, fines mundi novi et veteri; audiat fas. Ego sum publicus nuntius populi eruditi; iuste pieque legatus venio verbisque meis fides sit.

Audi, Iuppiter, et tu, Iane Quirine, dique omnes caelestes vosque, terrestres, vosque, inferni, audite. Ego vos testor quod personam illam Fabrum stultum esse neque cerebellum habere.

Vultus eius etiam turpis est.


Michael said...

Suggested by Livy Lib. I c. XXXII.

Lee Faber said...

What!? This is what I get for sending you pre-publication files of our forthcoming critical edition of the Quaestio de formalitatibus of Scotus, for sending you the dvd's of one of the most awesome shows on television, for being your friend thru many dangers? For shame, forsooth!

Michael said...

Oh, come on man, don't be like that! 'S all good! You know you my homie.