Monday, April 10, 2017

Duns Scotus, corruptor of...Art History?

According to Ryan Haecker. What are we on now, third generation Radical Orthodoxy? In any case, at this point, I'm not sure why they're still complaining, since they have clearly won. Indeed, as Robert Koons said recently,

In fact, Thomas Aquinas has been steadily growing in importance and is more influential now then ever. Ockham did not single-handedly spoil a Golden Age: he merely contributed to the delay of the ultimate triumph of Thomism. 


Credo In Unum Deum said...

I don't know what happened to Ryan. I remember when I first met him via a friend on FB, he had posted to his wall "I [heart emoji] Scotus." He originally very much liked Scotus, but something pushed him away. He is very much into Hegel, or at least was. I can't really follow a lot of what he writes, not because I think it is bad, but it's just in a language I just don't understand, if you follow me.

Lee Faber said...

Yes... I know what happened: he went to Merry Old England and studied with Merry Old Milbank. After the insulting "memes" that he and the Cosmos in the Lost guy sent around on Scotus' feast day I stopped caring, but I found this old post in my drafts folder and decided to publish anyway.

Jim Given said...

Thomism won? Not anything Thomas would recognize, but rather a mystical, Neo-Platonist, anti-Aristotelian sort of Aquinas; a vague but charitable fellow that
everyone could live with: Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox,etc. The crucial thing is to embrace Aquinas the theologian and reject Aquinas the philosopher. That's why Aristotle must go-