Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recent Publications on Petrus Thomae

an article:

G.R. Smith, "Bibliotheca Manuscripta Petri Thomae," in Bulletin de philosophie medievale 52 (2010), 161-200.

an edition:

Pere Tomas, Tractatus Brevis de Modis Distinctionum, ed. with English and Catalan translations by Cecilia Lopez and Josep Batalla with an introduction by Claus Andersen. Barcelona 2011.

For this edition, see the homepage for the series Bibliotheca Philosophorum Medii Aevi Cataloniae.

The edition is of what Smith, above, calls the "A" redaction of Peter Thomae's treatise. The "B" redaction was edited some time ago by E. Bos.

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