Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More on the Duns Scotus Movie

Here.  Apparently Ignatius press will start selling the film in October.


papabear said...

Another Italian production. Are you planning to watch it?

Lee Faber said...

If it goes on netflix I will. It won a bunch of awards at the Vatican film festival recently, though I don't know what the competition was.

From the blurb it looks like they're hyping up the brief (1303-4) exile into most of the movie.

Michael Sullivan said...

I really hope there's some good thinking montages. I want to see Blessed John on the stone floor with his knees tucked up to his ears, grasping his head desperately, crying out, "Two kinds of distinction aren't enough . . . real distinction . . . rational distinction . . . there - must - be - another - way!" with swelling music, and then, through a stained-glass window: the sunrise.

Steven Reyes said...

That was hilarious Michael

Thanks for the great posts guys, keep up the great work on the blog.


Lee Faber said...

And don't forget the buried-alive-while-thinking-cum-beheading scene.

Credo In Unum Deum said...

Oh my gosh, Michael! I was frickin dying when I read your retelling of how Scotus actually came upon the formal distinction. Excellent work!
I love this blog.