Monday, December 21, 2009

Scotist Commission link

Not sure how I missed this, but here is the link to the Commissio Scotistica's webpage. From what I can gather, vol. 12 is coming out soon.


Michael said...

Exciting. You can read the site pretty well using Google translator if, like me, your Italian is scanty. The new volume is on the Eucharist and sounds well worth the cost if I can scrounge it:

"Neither Bonaventure or Aquinas, or any other doctor of the time besides Scotus has penetrated so widely into the topic, seen in its theological, philosophical, liturgical, legal and ascetic dimensions."

Lee Faber said...

It also contains Scotus' spectacular refutation of thomas' unicity of substantial form theory by showing how it is inconsistent with natural concomitance.

Lee Faber said...

Did you notice it looks like they have a new guy on board now, who looks like his is in his late thirties...maybe they will finish the Ordinatio after all.