Monday, October 14, 2013

Ordinatio Translations

I came across this link  of a webpage for a scholar who has translated several volumes of the Ordinatio (from the Vatican edition). There is also some other material of interest, such as Suarez, and Jerome of Montefortino, an 18th c. Scotist.


Credo In Unum Deum said...

Sweet find.

lee faber said...

You can thank the generous folks on the facebook Thomistic discussion forum.

JakubM said...

That Summa theologiae compiled by Jerome of Montefortino - it is really a compilation of selections from original Scotus? (in that case I need to know from which of Scotus´ work is the question "Whether the choice is only of possibles"), or it is Jeromes own writing which he has ascribed to Scotus? Thanks a lot for reply in advance!

Lee Faber said...

But what would be the original Scotus? Ordinatio, Reportatio, Additiones magnae?

Anyway, a while back I had an exchange with some priests who were citing it, but I found Scotus to say the exact opposite of what Jerome claims is his position. So whatever it is, it doesn't count as Scotus

The only edition since the advent of print that reflects what Scotus actually wrote and what actually circulated in themiddle ages as his writings is the commentary on the De anima in opera philosophica vol. 5. Everything else is a modern rearrangement of material based on almost no principles whatever.