Friday, November 9, 2012

Scotistic Commission of America

A link to the page of the American commission, editing the Parisian works.  Here.

The ms. photo is from the famous Vienna ms., showing the famous colophon at the end of Reportatio I:  "Explicit reportatio super primum sententiarum sub magistro Iohanne Scoti et examinata cum eodem vernerando doctore"


Unknown said...

Would it also be nice to have some the later scotist in print like John Punch, Batholomew Mastri, Claude Frasse (all OFM)?
Here is a wonderful article by p. MInges on Scotism, Some of his german books are now back in cheap reprints from Nabu Press and others.

Lee Faber said...

Anonymus, you can actually download Punch and Mastri, at least, from the SIEPM electronic resources page. They are scans of the early printed books, and sadly the scans are very low quality, but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Faber

Thank you for pointing me in the mentioned direction. But I sincerely think that we need a more general "Scotism Reader" from Mayronis to Pohle - although Pohle has some molinist tendencies.

PAX ET BONUM Thomas Storgaard, Trige, Denmark

Bubba said...

Surely someone here is working on a Scotism Reader vanity project. And I'd hope it would run from Scotus himself (or barring him, at least James of Ascoli -- nah, better yet, start with HoG, Gonsalvus and William of Ware) to Benedict XVI.
Of course, the problems that stand in the way of such a project are the same as those that make dealing with Scotus such a problem: authority and authorship are complicated by people with very different doctrines sharing the same text. Sometimes those people with different doctrines are numerically the same; sometimes they have a less-than-numeric unity.

Lee Faber said...

I've toyed with the idea, but mucking about in mss. is more fun. My co-blogger and I have been from time to time working on a translation and commentary of Peter Thomae. If we can get that published, we might do a few more. We both look with greedy eyes at Bonet's metahysics.

Bubba said...

Bonet's Metaphysics is hilarious, and is looking to be a big growth field in the next couple years. For many late med Franciscans, it was their intro to philosophy.