Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here is Steve Long discussing his book on analogy. I wonder what the relation of all this is to Aristotelian third-mode relations. Recall that the third mode of relations are one-way. The example is that of human knowing: one can know an object and consequently there is a relation from the knowing mind to the object but not from the object to the knowing mind.  This isn't so hard to understand. My thinking about a rock isn't going to affect the rock ex natura rei but it is going to affect my thinking. So to return to Long, could one dispense with this talk of analogical analogy and univocal analogicity simply by saying that the relation of God to creatures and e converso is an Aristotelian third-mode relation? This is course what Henry and Scotus do, though they also feel the need to discuss analogy and univocity, so perhaps not.


Daniel Jones said...

Michael and Lee,

I know this is a little out of context and may leave you somewhat bewildered, but I would like to offer my heart felt apology to you for the way I interacted with you some two or three years ago. Though this apology is long overdue, I hope that you will accept it.

For my 'rock ribbed' doctrinal piety and my overzealous nature to take down "heresy" wherever I saw it (one that sought either "converts" or "enemies"), I have nothing but deep repentance. How did I ever think I could hear God's voice?

Anyways, I hope you two are well, and I drop by every now and then to see what you guys are writing or reading.

Daniel Jones

Lee Faber said...

No hard feelings here, Mr. Jones.