Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bassols and Rubio, oh my!

check out the following link for a wealth of sentence commenaries. I found the William of Rubio and John Bassols commentaries, as well as some cursus philosophici iuxta mentem Scoti and some disputationes iuxta mentem Scoti as well. They also have lots of Thomist stuff if that's the way you swing

Update: I didn't realize how much they actually have...they have Wodeham, Ockham, William of Vourillion, Richard of Middleton, Auriol, Thomas of Strasbourg, Biel, Gregory of Rimini, Capreolus, and the Lombard himself.



Anonymous said...

Darn it! Too bad I don't speak Spanish or its other equivalents!

Can barely roughly make out how to use the site!

Lee Faber said...

just search latin wprds off the main page:
try 'sententiarum' 'bassolis' 'rubione' 'scoti' 'thomae'

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dr. Faber!

Lee Faber said...

Oh I'm not a doctor yet. just a mere master of medieval studies.