Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Epitaph for Antonius Andreae

From S. Garcia Navarro, "Antonio de Andres (S. XIV). Estudio bibliografico-critico", 100:

Certa manent firmo magna praeconia laudi
nec minus ingenio lucide docte tuo
Qui prior antonii coelestia scripta polisti
Andreae quem mox scotistica turba collit
Tantum docta cohors debet tibi lucide quantum
Utile divinum saeculi existat opus.

by "Bernardinus"


tap said...

For those of us who are latin deficient, Translation? thanks!

Lee Faber said...

Michael? Your latin is better.

Ocham said...

Greetings again. I am trying to get hold of material by Antonius. Are there any modern editions of his works? Or digital copies of incunabula on the internet? He is a little elusive.

Ocham said...

I was struggling with the Latin but then it struck me

docte = doctae
lucide = lucidae

possibly? The adverbial form makes no sense.

Ocham said...

I posted a question here

Lee Faber said...

on Antonius, the basic articles listing his works are Sebastian Garcia Navarro and Marek Gensler (see the Franciscan author's website of Bert Roest). So far, I have found his QQ de principiis naturae (ed. 1475) at the website.