Friday, November 30, 2007

This Just In-Unicity of Substantial Form Condemned!

Well, according to Roger Marston. Here's a quote I came across in Gilson's history but haven't been able to track down the latin. This is a quote from one of Roger Marston's Quodlibets, reporting an incident that Gilson thinks happened around 1270. p. 417

"I was in Paris, and I heard it with my own bodily ears, at the inception of the Precentor of Peronne, before master Gerard of Abbeville, in the presence of brother Thomas Aquinas, of brother John of Peckham and of about twenty-four other doctors in sacred theology, when this opinion was solemnly excommunicated as contrary to the teaching of the Saints, particularly of Augsutine and Anselm, as was made manifest by the opposition."


Michael said...

I'm not sure anyone today would find this very authoritative. However, if Roger Marston says something, it's good enough for me!

Lee Faber said...

It's an interesting historical note. Sort of like Henry's comment of how he was dragged into the bishop of Paris's chamber and forced to recant the unicity thesis before the assembled masters.